James Finnerty


My name is James Finnerty, I'm a UK/Irish citizen living in London, and I'm on a mission to make a life of travel and food. I've visited nearly 100 countries and done silly things such as cycling from the UK to China, longboarding across Benelux and more recently attempting to try a meal from every country in the world. To read more about various projects I'm involved in, scroll down!

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Eating Every Country.

Starting in November 2018, I set myself a fun challenge of eating or cooking a meal from all 193 UN member states all at cafes and restaurants within Greater London. To follow along join the mailing list or follow on social media below :)...

Eating Every Country mailing list

121 Degrees.

Cycling from London to Shanghai.

From October 2013 to October 2104, I rode my bicycle 10,700 miles from London to Shanghai, China. I passed through 21 countries including Iran and Central Asia before cycling the full width of China. If you'd like to learn about this trip you can view the dedicated website here

Lupine Travel
& Lupine Expeditions.

Since late 2015 I've been very lucky to be a partner in Lupine Travel, a company specialising in arranging budget group tours to difficult to reach places such as North Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, South Ossetia, Pitcairn Island and many others. This work has afforded me many travel oppertunites which I share through my own Instagram as well as the companies. Learn more by clicking the logos below...


On occasion I've been booked for public speaking events at schools and other talks regarding my cycling adventures or other travel. If this sounds intersting, get in touch.


To get in touch feel free to message me through Instagram.

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